100% Free Range West Texas Aoudad Hunts 

This is considered by most that have done it to be the most awesome hunting all of Texas, or even the country, has to offer! These sheep are originally from North Africa but have been free ranging in the west TX high desert since the 1950's and they fit right in on the cliff walls and mountain slopes!


We hunt multiple large properties in west Texas with great aoudad numbers. We have an outstanding success rate and average over 30". All spot and stalk hunting, in big beautiful country! In most cases be prepared to hike long distances in rough country and be able to shoot comfortably out to or over 300 yards. We recommend a .270 or larger for this hunt.

$4000 each - 2 hunter minimum

INCLUDED IN THE COST: 4 day/3 night hunt, lodging, meals, guides, 1 trophy aoudad, 1 javelina, unlimited hogs, predators, and quail (when in season)

Other free range exotics like axis or buffalo may be seen on these hunts and can be harvested for an additional fee.

Call, text or email me anytime for more information or to book a hunt!

Matt 817-903-0350
[email protected]

Monster aoudad on one of our properties!

All hunts include predators!

For Important Information on what to bring on your hunt click here!

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